The CBS Edge


Establishes in 1987, CBS is the only undergraduate professional institute of the University of Delhi imparting education in the field of management. CBS has built its reputation by the practical approach to teaching theory grounded in real-world application.

Each student has a different reason for attending CBS. CBS is committed to developing leaders positioned to excel in today’s rapidly changing business world. The School understands that as the organizational and leadership needs of today’s companies change constantly, so are the educational needs of students.

That is why we are able to attract a diverse set of companies from consulting, investment banking, real estate and media that recruit our students much before they visit many of their MBA campuses. CBS imparts management learning in a unique way which takes care of both theoritical and practical aspects. It prepares students not only to enter the industry on a firm footing but also helps them in pursuing their post graduate education. The impact CBS has is evident from the fact that we are adding banks as new recruiters at a time when these institutions are hiring only from Ivy league schools for meeting their immediate requirements.

CBS provides career services that our second to none in the University of Delhi. The Career Development centre helps students plan their resumes, helps them to understand job profiles, and prepares them for interviews with companies. The placement team is deeply dedicated to the development of students and focussed on developing the personal and professional skills of students. This also contributes to the edge , CBS is highly proud of.



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