Why Recruit at CBS


Shaheed Sukhdev College Business of Business Studies (University of Delhi) has a legacy of academic and professional excellence and has been a pioneer in undergraduate management education since 1987.

The program curriculum in each of our courses is designed by our experienced faculty and lays the foundation for conceptual and analytical reasoning. It also provides an insight into the dynamics of the corporate world through case studies, summer training and industry visits. We provide an excellent environment where students find ample opportunities to develop interpersonal skills. We instil in them a desire to perform, with integrity, under difficult situations, which is quite difficult to find in today’s world. The curriculum and the college atmosphere promote inquisition, innovation, leadership and team-spirit. Apart from possessing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of management as well as a considerable degree of corporate exposure, our students are resourceful and versatile.

Amongst the Most Rigorous Selection Process in India

With an intake ratio of 1:120 CBS ensures that its greatest strength is its human capital which comprises of some of the sharpest minds in the country. CBS follows a three tier selection process involving a competitive examination followed by a round of group discussions and interviews. For the final selection of a candidate due weightage is allotted to the different criteria as follows:-

Written Exam - 50% XII Result - 30% Inteview - 10% Group Discussion - 10%


Industry Interaction

Industry interactions that promote dialogue between students and industry leaders are a part of CBS culture. In addition to frequent guest lecturers that impart industry knowledge to students, the annual corporate seminar- ‘Convergence’- provides an interface between corporate stalwarts and our students and bridges the important gap between management theory and practice.

Illustrious Alumni

CBS has been creating managers who have within themselves the mettle to take on the challenges of the future - people with the vision, knowledge and potential to thrive in a dynamic ever changing environment. People with the ability and skill sets to drive key initiatives within organizations, men and women of leadership and integrity who are making a difference in business organizations, communities and institutions all over the globe. College of Business Studies is indeed proud of its Alumni.

Extracurricular Events and Competitions

Conducted at a fairly large scale, our events are supported by a number of corporates who sponsor our events due to the visibility it provides them. The annual college festival Crescendo is an example of one such event.


Under the BBS and BFIA programs, the students undertake 6-8 week long internships after Semesters II and IV. The internships widen the students’ perspective by providing an exposure to real organizational and environmental situations.

Live Projects

Besides full time summer internships, our students also work for companies on specific project-based jobs. This helps students assess their own capabilities on the basis of their performance.

Seminars and Workshops

To supplement classroom teaching, we invite experts to hold seminars and workshops or conduct sessions on subjects of their expertise. Such interactions give prospective recruiters a clearer understanding of the profile of the batch.

Student faculty Interaction

The pedagogy is determined by the faculty which is a mixture of case studies, lectures and role plays making learning interactive, practical and intense .

Student - Student Interaction

The meeting of minds, ideas and theories takes place in societies and teams where presentations ignite minds, briefs become springboards for path breaking strategy and teams come up with creative ideas. Highly active societies in college help polish the team skills and attitudes of our students.

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