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B.Sc. CS (Hons.)
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The students will undergo one semester of project work based on the concepts studied in a subject of their choice. The objective is to train the students for the industry by exposing them to prototype development of real life software.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Develop a project plan based on informal description of the project.
  • Implement the project as a team.
  • Write a report on the project work carried out by the team and defend the work done by the team collectively.
  • Present the work done by the team to the evaluation committee.

Course Contents

Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3

Unit 1

The students will work on any project based on the concepts studied in core/elective/ skill based elective courses. Specifically, the project could be a research study, or a software development project.

Unit 2

Project Group Organization/Plan

● Students will initially prepare a synopsis (500 words) and submit it to their respective department.
● For a given project, the group size could be a maximum of four (04) students.
● Each group will be assigned a teacher as a supervisor who will be responsible for their lab classes.
● A maximum of four (04) projects would be assigned to one teacher.

Unit 3

Project Evaluation

● 100 marks for end semester examination comprising Viva/presentation (50 marks) and project report evaluation (50 marks): to be awarded jointly by the examiner and supervisor / mentor.
● 50 marks for continuous evaluation (to be awarded by the supervisor/mentor). Work carried out in each lab session will be assessed out of five marks (zero for being absent). Finally, the marks obtained will be scaled out of a maximum of 50 marks. For example, if

30 lab sessions are held in a semester, and a student has obtained an aggregate of 110 marks, then he/she will be assigned round (110/(30*5)) i.e. 37 marks.
● The students will submit only the soft copies of the report.
● The reports may be retained by the examiners.

Additional Information

Teaching Learning Process

Group Discussions
Presentations by group of students for enhanced learning.

Assessment Methods

● Assignments, presentations, viva, quiz
● Internal assessment
● End semester exam


Software Development, Project planning.

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