Blitz & Jhankar - The Dance Society

2773 hits

BLITZ – The Western Dance Society of SSCBS Every year Blitz leaves its remarkable impact…

3.39  from 23 votes

Communique - The Promotion Cell

4023 hits

Communiqué - The Promotion Cell of the college, is on a constant endeavor to take…

4.03  from 34 votes

Darkroom - The Photography Society

5862 hits

Darkroom, endeavors to make students more than just photographers. The society aims to make them…

4.25  from 40 votes

Dhwani – The College Music Society

5601 hits

Dhwani has been active in the music circuit of Delhi for the past 9 years.…

4.27  from 22 votes

Dumun - Delhi University Model United Nations

7833 hits

Delhi University Model United Nations organizes an annual conference which tests the delegate's skills of…

3.95  from 19 votes

Ecovision - The Economics Society

6169 hits

Ecovision, The Economics Society of S.S.C.B.S. is a consortium of like-minded Economics enthusiasts who strive…

4.00  from 33 votes

Editorial Board - The Literary Society

3850 hits

The Editorial Board manages the college newsletter CBSight and the annual college magazine Pathmanjari. These…

3.00  from 10 votes

Enactus - Social Entrepreneurship Society

6485 hits

Enactus SSCBS is the social entrepreneurial cell of the college. With a team of 62…

3.88  from 42 votes

Finx – The Finance Society of sscbs

9705 hits

FinX is the official finance society of the college. FinX works to generate financial awareness…

4.00  from 36 votes

Fourth Wall - The Dramatics Society

4845 hits

Fourth Wall is a judicious mix of creative, imaginative, expressive and enthusiastic members. Apart from…

4.23  from 40 votes


2272 hits

Grandeur – The Consulting and Knowledge Cell of SSCBS was established with the aim to…

3.64  from 14 votes

ILLuminati – The Quiz Society

4247 hits

Illuminati, the quizzing society has strived for perfection and innovation and this is evident from…

4.05  from 21 votes

Kartavya – The Social Service Society

7419 hits

KARTAVYA- the social service society of the college exists with the motive of reaching out…

4.31  from 29 votes

Kriti – The Fine Arts Society

4414 hits

The arts society works to open new avenues for students to help them discover and…

3.94  from 16 votes

Kronos – The Information Technology Society

8880 hits

Kronos - the IT Society, aims at inculcating knowledge in the field of IT. Kronos…

3.15  from 20 votes

Lawrence - The Law forum of SSCBS

6649 hits

Lawrence, The Law forum of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies marks the initiation of…

3.89  from 19 votes

Mark-It – The Marketing Society

6191 hits

Since its inception, the marketing society of the college, ‘Mark-It’ has always been able to…

4.32  from 63 votes

Mic – Management Interaction Cell

4870 hits

MIC, the management and corporate exposure cell of the college was formed in the year…

3.52  from 29 votes

Parishram – The Sports Society

5584 hits

Parishram-The Sports Society of SSCBS Parishram aims at promoting extra-curricular activities amidst the coursework in…

4.44  from 27 votes

Renaissance – The Debating Society

3387 hits

The debating society of the college, Renaissance, has progressed by leaps and bounds in the…

3.73  from 22 votes

Synergy – The Corporate Events Society

4656 hits

Founded in the year 2009, Synergy, aims at developing skills that will help the students…

3.32  from 22 votes

Verve – The Street Play Society

6909 hits

Verve, the street play society is a group of enthusiastic, energetic and informed youngsters who…

4.45  from 152 votes
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