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Communique - The Promotion Cell


What We Do:

Communiqué, the Public Relations Cell of SSCBS is one of SSCBS’s historical societies and is inextricably linked with SSCBS. It is dedicated unilaterally towards establishing and promoting the college as the eminent and globally prestigious brand that it is. It strives to reinforce the utmost regard and esteem that the college is held in through its various initiatives which have an all-encompassing and diverse reach, from school students and teachers to alumni.

Major Events:

1. Prodigy: (Annual Event)

Communiqué took the onus to spearhead a one of its kind management event that promotes entrepreneurship and empowers students to don their corporate attires with confidence and fervour. The event aims to provide an unprecedented platform for students to innovate and fend for solutions to real world problems. Prodigy simultaneously shows schools the CBS Difference, thus, promoting the college and its ability to break the shackles of just classroom learning.The 13th iteration of the event, surpassed all previous editions in duration, participation and scope and garnered rave reviews from its participants and faculty alike.

2. Sessions: The event took place in April 2019. Centre for Education Growth and Research. The event aims to further the cause of education with 20+ sessions held across the country. Mr. Vikas Khanduri, part of the CEGR was an eminent guest here. He is a man with 22 years of exquisite industry experience in traveling and hospitality business, who has held various eminent positions in many respectable institutions and had humble beginnings session conducted by him regarding innovation in educational sector and revolution to make quality education accessible to masses.

3. Seminar: Conducted Information Seminars about SSCBS in various top schools in Delhi like Sanskriti. These seminars were aimed at creating awareness about the college and the JAT, and the representatives were able to create positive rapports with students and teachers alike.

4. Admission Campaign: Orchestrated another successful Admission Campaign for the admission cycle of 2019, engaging over 15,000 JAT aspirants and creating a close rapport with them. The admission campaign consisted of multiple segments, including daily questions to help JAT aspirants test their skills, #AskCBSite that allowed the aspirants to contact our students and directly clear their queries through mail, and our initiatives helped in boosting the institution’s grand and wizened image.

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:


Name of the student

Organising University/college

Event Participated

Prize/ participation


Manan Wadhawan

St. Stephens, DU

Dream Merger

Top 30 out of 1000 Teams


Manan Wadhawan


2008 Rewind

Best Investment Banker


Manan Wadhawan


Bid on Droid

1st Position


Samyak Jain

Keshav Mahavidyalaya

Corporate Sabha

1st Position


Tvisha Bhanot

Keshav Mahavidyalaya

Cognizance, The Marketing Conclave

1st Position


Sarthak Sah

College of Vocational Studies, DU


2nd Position

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