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Darkroom - The Photography Society


What we do:

We are the visual arts society of SSCBS. We aim to capture and visualize the essence of imagination and portray it through frames and visuals. We aim to develop young minds to great visual artists who would go on to win competitions in the circuit and maintain our society’s and college’s prestige.

Major events:

The Darkroom takes part in almost every photography competition in the DU circuit. We spend most of our weekends on photowalks so as to inspire the visual artist in our new entrants and to keep their creative juices flowing. Frequent sessions on graphic designing are also conducted in the college premises to increase the skill set of the member.

Our main event is Cynosure, which takes place under crescendo. The event comprises of a multi-level photography competition and an online graphic designing competition. We see participation in great number from various colleges of Delhi.

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Recent accolades and achievements:

Darkroom has been the reigning champion at Photowars, a national level competition, for three consecutive years now. Acquired the first position at various colleges like St. Stephens College, Hindu College, Lady Shri Ram College, Dyal Singh College etc.

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