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Dhwani – The College Music Society

Dhwani – The Music Society of SSCBS

What We Do
We are a diverse group of talented individuals who mutually share a passion for music. We have made a name for ourselves among the music circuit to become one of the most prolific music societies. As a music society we try all types of music forms, essentially Western Acapella, Indian choir and Band. We have taken up challenges of promoting a healthy environment through music therapy and instilling a vibe of
equanimity amidst college life.

Major Events

Every year, Dhwani conducts its annual event, Octaves to exhibit staggering amount of talent all across the DU circuit. Colleges across Delhi, like Jesus and Mary, LSR, DTU, Gargi, etc participate for competitions like Battle of bands, Western Acapella, Indian Choir, Solos and Duets. The event witness’s plethora of talent streaming from the students coupled with our warm hospitality to make it a success every year.

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:

1. Indian Classical Solo - IIT Delhi - Shivansh Jindal - 3rd position
2. Indian Classical Choir - IIT Kanpur - 3rd position

3. Indian Classical Choir - Hindu College - 3rd position

4. Western Acapella - IIT Bombay - 3rd position
5. Western Acapella - St. Stephens College - 2nd position
6. Western Duet - Sri Venkateswara College - Rachit Arora & Riya Khattar - 2nd position

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