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Ecovision, The Economics Society of S.S.C.B.S. is a consortium of like-minded Economics enthusiasts who strive to propagate the prominence of Economics within the fellow community.

The society was formed in 2011 and has been organising many events since then to spread the knowledge of Economics through fun-filled events. The society has attracted participants from all over Delhi University for its annual flagship event ‘Elumiere’.

One of the most thrilling competitions organised by the society in 2014 was ‘Black Economy’ wherein participants had to deal in narcotics, arms smuggling and trading, gambling & betting but with a price to be paid!

We as a society aim to acquaint even the layman with the beauty of economics and for the same we've launched a website, a facebook page as well as a national economic fest so that we can fulfill our mission of making economics a household subject.

In addition, members of the society have won in the prominent events of the college nationally as well all over the DU Circuit.

A contingent of sixteen members of Ecovision went to participate in IIM Indore's undergraduate fest 'Atharv' on 3rd of September 2014. It was an incredible trip where the students won four prizes in all.


Ecovision’s Activities in 2015:-

  • ATHARV (Management Fest of IIM INDORE) –

Our team participated in most of the academic events based on marketing, HR, finance, strategy formulation, entrepreneurship ideas etc. at IIM Indore’s Annual Management Fest, Atharv, with utmost enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance and came back holding nine glorious prizes.



It is a series of quirky and intriguing articles that aims to explain difficult economic and financial concepts in an easy and fun filled way that Ecovision shares with its subscribers personally on their Whatsapp and through Facebook.



The society has undertaken various corporate projects for various organizations such as NAFED, ZOUK LOANS, THE UMRAO and THE RIVERSTONE to help them in optimizing their operations by providing innovative and practical solutions to their problems.


The society also holds knowledge sharing sessions on a weekly basis covering important economic and finance topics like one child policy, algorithmic trading, libor scandal and many more.



Inquisitive and interesting blogs were posted on the topics such as JAM trinity, MAT, consumer oriented payment banks and so on.



The society also organized a career session in association with Duke University, UK in August and plans to conduct a few more of such workshops and sessions in future.

Ecovision’s Future Endeavours in 2016:-


Ecovision will be organizing Elumiere; The Annual Economics Fest of SSCBS in February which will revolutionize the way economics is applied by an individual. With unique events testing the acumen in college students, this fest promises to be like no other. 

  • NAAC Financial Literacy-

The team is ready with a presentation to disseminate basic financial and economic knowledge to the college staff as our contribution to ensuring financial literacy in the college.


In the next few months, the society plans to continue its endeavor to take up various NGO projects in our hand.

We would continue with Demystify, weekly sessions and blogs in the coming year as well.

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