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The Literary Society

What We Do:
The Literary Society aims at creating a conducive environment for literary enthusiasts, people with a bend towards literature or anything out of the ordinary. We try to develop creative skills through workshops, activities and events. Through the college magazine, we try to disperse the talent of our members and invite creative entries from the entire college, for the entire college.

Major Events:

  1. Magazine:

We are responsible for the accumulation, creation, and segregation and editing of the annual college magazine. The magazine serves as a medium for college students to show their literary talent, while at the same time provides a valuable and cultural insight into what SSCBS represents.

  1. Writing Sessions:

We aim at publishing a set of short stories written by the members if the society. To facilitate the same, regular sessions are held, where various aspects of story writing are discussed. These sessions also hold as a catalyst for propelling the art of writing.

  1. Bibliotheca:

Bibliotheca is the annual literary event of SSCBS, a part of Crescendo. It comprises of poetry slams in multiple languages, online writing competitions, literature and popular culture quiz and a unique concept christened Human Library.

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