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Finx – The Finance Society of sscbs

FinX - The Finance Society of SSCBS

What We Do:

FinX being the oldest active society has grown bigger and better with the college since 1991 and has successfully brought 800+ finance enthusiasts to escalate knowledge, practical learning and knowledge dissemination through a variety of Competitions, Workshops, Live Projects, exclusive events with other finance societies and an array of other activities. Since its inception, it has been the society’s constant endeavour to help students learn and absorb the financial and economic intricacies that prevail in today’s turbulent times.

Major Events:

All through the year, FinX undertakes Live Projects to gather corporate exposure and gain new insights into ever-changing industries. FinX has had the opportunity to work with FinTech and IT Industries like SME finance, Casa Brands, etc. Weekly Knowledge Sharing Sessions are held to facilitate peer-to-peer learning which are also conducted in collaboration with other DU colleges like Hindu College, etc. A bi-weekly blogpost series known as JAM- Just A Minute is an initiative of Finx that offers detailed insights into the most impactful news around the planet.

FinWiz- SSCBS’s Annual Finance Fest has been held for 24 years and holds a hefty significance in refining the college reputation in the DU circuit and nation. This year, FinX will be conducting the 25th edition of FInWiz. Our traditional Mockstock 'Bulls & Bears' is one of the most reputed Mockstocks of DU and has set a precedent that is being followed by all the finance societies as UG level. FinWiz is one of the very few academic UG level fests to have witnessed national and international participation from reputed colleges like IIM Indore, Victoria University, Newcastle University, etc.

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:

  • Alankan, Entrepreneur Mind, Obstruct, TBT Productathon - IIT Roorkee
  • Udyami (B Plan)- IIT Madras
  • Shivam Kumar, Harvard Business Review Ascend Case Competition-IIT Delhi
  • Mockstock, Stratazenith- Delhi Technological University
  • Counter Survival, Tussle to Trade, Sharelocked - Hansraj College
  • Contrivance, Finamics- Lady Shri Ram College

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