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Fourth Wall - The Dramatics Society


What we do:

We as members of Fourth Wall Productions aim to break the barriers of monotonous ideas and perception people have about theatre and its working. We believe in enlightening people about how beautiful every aspect of theatre is. From acting to stage designing,we give equal importance to every aspect of theatre while making our plays because we know that all of these aspects have their own significance. We nurture imagination and court inspiration through mastery of skill and technique to create fluent, authentic and original storytelling that illuminates the complexity of the human spirit and questions the accepted wisdom.

Major events:


Raasa, our annual theatre festival, hosts 60 teams across University of Delhi, IP University, DTU, NSIT, among others and so, attracts a footfall of about 3000 people including artists, audiences and other college students. We have had renowned theatre practitioners and bollywood actors come to our festival as mentors and judges including Vijay Raaz, Avijit Dutt, Faezeh Jalali, Anirudh Nair, Neel Chaudhari, Sahil Verma and Swati Simha.

Association with the Spanish Embassy

Every year, we prepare a play in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy to promote Spanish culture across the country.


We have conducted various workshops with renowned artists like Nisha Abdullah, Neel Chaudhari, Faezeh Jalali, etc.

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:

  • Rizwaan(one of our annual productions)-one of the top 8 plays in Thespo(2018) - India's biggest youth theatre festival
  • First Prize-Prasann Juneja,'Monologue' at Rangrezz National Theatre Festival,Chitkara University
  • Best Actor-Deepanshi Yadav,event Pratyaksh at SGTB Khalsa
  • Best Direction-Ashutosh Gupta and Ayush Jain,event Expressions at Dyal Singh College
  • Best Play(Runners up)- event Stage play festival,Zakir Hussain College(M)
  • Best Actor-Deepanshi Yadav and Prasann Juneja,event Nivacanna at Gargi College

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