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Grandeur - The Consulting and Knowledge Cell, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies


What We Do:

Grandeur - The Consulting and Knowledge Cell, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies is a student-run, corporate-facilitated and faculty-guided student body of SSCBS, set up with an objective to benefit the student community through consulting events, live industry projects, seminars, workshops, and self-development case practice session. This helps the students to explore and enhance their skills and interests for consulting and strategy. The live industry projects solve business problems and help students to build their advisory and strategy quotient and simultaneously get the much-needed industry exposure.

Major Events

Ranneeti- The Case Study Competition Ranneeti is our annual event organised for first years of SSCBS. The event gives an opportunity to students to solve modern corporate challenges, simplified and presented in the form of a case study. The event saw the participation of 100+ students.

● Ace The Case – Ace the Case was a series of Mock Case Interviews, Guesstimates and Group Discussions. It was aimed to prepare the students for placements and saw the participation of over 200+ students. The event helped the students to develop an analytical framework and to  prepare them for the case interviews ahead.

● Live Projects- In the previous year, we undertook various live projects in diversified fields to help the students gain industry experience. It helped in giving hands-on experience to students, improved their practical knowledge, taught them to work within deadlines and surviving work pressure before stepping into the corporate world.

● Speaker Sessions- An interactive session was organised on the topic ‘Supply Chain Management’. The guest speaker was Mr. Amrendra Kumar having 12+ years of rich experience as the Head of partnerships and Supply Chain at Tata Steel. The discussion helped students widen their perspective in sphere of management. He shared an example of how Tata Steel uses Supply Chain Management and also educated regarding major technical jargons in inventory control. We also had an interactive session organized on the topic ‘Valuation of a start-up’. The guest speaker was Mr. Aayush Bajaj, a valuations trainer and ACCA instructor.

● Invicta- Grandeur organised The OnePlus Case Study Competition : Invicta, inviting over 400 participants from top B-schools like IIM Indore, IIM Amritsar, and International Management Institute (IMI), Delhi as well as reputed institutes like SRCC , Sri Venkateswara College, Jesus and Mary College and many more. The competition entailed a modern day business conundrum presented in the form a simplified case simulation, aiming to test the logical, creative and analytical skills of the participants. The case offered a glimpse into the industry's trends and hurdles for the market players, urging trailblazing solutions to overcome them. The winners of the competition were also rewarded with an exclusive scholarship to the EY CAFTA program.


Recent Accolades and Achievements:

  • Hult prize winner (on campus round) - Manvinder Singh Arora, Mansi Chawla
  • Runner up in case study competition in IIT Kanpur (Regnent populi)- Mansi Chawla
  • 1st prize - Case Study Competition in SRCC - Ritik Rustagi
  • National Finalist at National Consulting Conclave at IIFT Delhi - Ritik Rustagi
  • 2nd position in ‘Armageddon’ market simulation event of St. Stephen’- Ritik
  • 1st position in ‘trade-o-mania’ event of gargi college- Ritik
  • 3rd Position, Conquonomics, SRCC - Ritik Rustagi

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