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ILLuminati – The Quiz Society

Illuminati – The Quizzing Society

What we do:

Illuminati, the Quizzing Society of SSCBS, comprising of many of the cool nerds on campus. Fundaes are what we love and it shows in our position across the Delhi circuit. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have 100+ laurels including various national level competitions. We also organise the Quiz Fest, which comprises of the circuit's only QuizBowl. From Modi to McKinsey and from BTS to Batman, you probably could say we know it all. And it's always Pounce over Bounce.

Vision - Our goal is to present the adventure of knowledge to the students through the medium of quizzing. Having participated in and hosted innumerable quizzes, and having gathered a wealth of knowledge that is unmatched, we aspire to give back to the next generation of quizzers and intellectuals.

Motto: Pounce? Paisa$ Party!

Major Events:

Quiz Fest, the annual quiz fest of SSCBS organized by Illuminati, witnesses the participation of connoisseurs of the game seeking an opportunity to rise above all. It isn’t just an ordinary quiz but something that rattles the minds of the participants. The gripping face-off rounds that teams go through after the written quiz leave everyone craving for more. Some regret not being confident enough to speak out their answers while others still facepalm thinking of how they pressed the buzzer by mistake leading to a negative point. The opportunities in this competition, however, are rampant for every team to prove their caliber and emerge victorious at the end.

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:

The members of Illuminati don’t focus on triumphing in every quiz that they participate in. It is about the thrill of the competition and due to that fact, this society is deemed as one of the best in quizzing circuit. Some of our achievements in the past year include:

  1. Mayank Srivastava, Raghav Nath and Saurabh Kumar - Numero Yono Quiz Delhi Finals, State Bank of India
  2. Prabal Gupta and Satviek Goel – NTPC Electron Quiz Regionals, National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.
  3. Shikhar Sachdev - Antaragni’18 Quiz Fest, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  4. Raghav Nath and Mayank Srivastava – Oktoberfest’19, Delhi Quizzing Club
  5. Mayank Srivastava – Chakraview Quiz Fest, Ashoka University
  6. Saurabh Kumar – Quiz Fests of various Delhi University Colleges (LSR, Gargi, CVS, St. Stephen’s, JMC, GGSCC and more)

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