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Kartavya – The Social Service Society

Kartavya- The Social Service Forum and NSS unit of SSCBS

What We Do:
Kartavya derives its essence from the belief that the happiest people are those who lose themselves in the service of others. We are a community of strong headed individuals who are driven by the desire to justify the name we uphold: Kartavya- meaning “duty”. We show our commitment towards bringing positive social changes, helping individuals lead a better life and restoring the lost glory of our environment. By our small consolidated efforts, we hope to make this world a better place to live as every effort counts.

Major Events:

Viti- Diwali Mela of SSCBS

Viti is one of the biggest annual carnivals of the college in which students from several colleges come and enjoy fun filled games, sumptuous food and exhilarating performances by musicians, standup comedians and young NGO children. Being a social event, Viti spreads the cheer of Diwali to underprivileged sections of the society by witnessing sales of and spreading awareness about several NGOs and Enactus units. The event aims to emphasize the essence of festivity in our college and incorporate activities that bring people together.

Vivanté- Annual Philanthropic Fest of SSCBS

Vivanté is an amalgamation of several activities conducted with the purpose of encouraging college students to contribute towards a better life for themselves and the less fortunate. Attractions in Vivanté include a blood donation camp, a health check-up facility, NGO book stalls, social change-based photography and painting competitions, a workshop for slum and NGO children, among others. Our “Fulfill a wish” initiative fills young underprivileged children with happiness, and willing college students with satisfaction.

NSS activities

Being the National Service Scheme unit of the college, we are at the forefront of all NSS activities undertaken throughout the year. Volunteer- driven activities include conducting seminars for first time voters’ awareness, celebrating NSS day, promoting Swacchta Pakhwada in the college, attending Prime Minister’s address to youth, observing Vigilance Awareness week, among others. The NSS unit proactively engages more than100 students of the college in a bid to arouse social consciousness among the youth with an objective of overall personality development through community service.

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:

  • Project Ujjwal undertaken by our society members was highly appreciated in numerous government schools in Delhi. Young children were educated about cleanliness, the three R’s and menstrual hygiene.
  • Project Vriddh gained recognition in several old age homes across the city, as our volunteers indulged in various fun activities like storytelling, singing, etc. along with the elderly people to understand their stories and learn valuable lessons from them.
  • Our social media awareness poster series, on General Elections 2019 and social issues like gender equality, human trafficking, bullying, organ donation, etc. has witnessed an increased social media following over the past year and has gained appreciation.

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