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Kronos – The Information Technology Society

Kronos - the IT Society, aims at inculcating knowledge in the field of IT. Kronos endeavors to promote a technology oriented attitude and an urge to delve deeper into the developments in the sector that affect our daily lives. Technology is the carrier of success and this is what we propagate!
Kronos is managed by a set of extremely talented and innovative group of students, with the unanimous aim of learning and encouraging each other.The society has been extremely successful in organizing gaming events like LAN Battle which attracts a crowd of 250-300 students and which usually culminate in nail biting finals.
Kronos organizes Sanganak - the annual tech fest of the college in association with major IT giants. The event is organized so that it spans every aspect of technology through quizzes, gaming events, crosswords, programming and application development.
Sanganak receives amazing response and receives a large footfall of students from colleges of Delhi University as well as from other universities and institutions.

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