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What we do:

Lawrence, The Law forum of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies marks the initiation of a new era of inclination towards attaining knowledge of the law of land. Founded in 2014, Lawrence has gained formidable reputation among the law enthusiasts from colleges across and beyond Delhi. The purpose of this society marks at imbibing legal literacy among the members and associates which it ensures by holding regular events, conferences and interactions with those entities in the field of law whose name precedes most and  have a vision to impart practical law based knowledge. All aspects of political, social and corporate moulded into one to give an overall view of the corporate system.

Major Events:

Lawrence has left no stone unturned in trying to proceed towards its purpose, something which justifies the kind of respect it commands from the likes. The activities undertaken by Lawrence are:


              The flagship event is the brainchild of Lawrence which takes place takes place yearly across colleges from across the country. It comprises of several rounds which test the aptitude of all contenders to their core. These contenders hail from all kinds of backgrounds which adds the element of uniqueness to advocate. It organises management games with a pinch of law in it.

       RAJNEETI – ‘A political simulation like never before’. This is a platform where you step into their shoes and strategize, place bets, speculate the market, defend yourselves, formulate the economy and fight elections.

       VAKALAT – ‘The boardroom Discussion’. An unprecedented round table simulation to test your argumentative and discussion skills.

       GAME X – ‘A Murder Mystery’. Put your thinking caps on and unveil the baffling murder mystery.

  • Lawrence Ambassador Wing (LAW)

               Lawrence took ambassadors from all the colleges across Delhi including IP colleges, DU, private law and non-law colleges. The role of ambassadors is to be the face of Lawrence in their college and spread awareness about the initiatives undertook by Lawrence. Right now, Lawrence has 100+ ambassadors working towards the same goal.

  • LEGAL VIEW (Magazine)

                 Lawrence issues an annual magazine, the only law magazine at the undergraduate level wihich publishes various articles, puzzles by budding writers on their perception of the current issues.


               Currently Lawrence is working on launching a website for the sole purpose of educating and initiating a new era of inclination towards attaining knowledge of the law of land.

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