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Lawrence, The Law forum of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies marks the initiation of a new era of inclination towards attaining knowledge of the law of land. Founded in 2014 under the guidance of Mrs.Kishori Ravi Shankar, Lawrence has gained formidable reputation among the law enthusiasts from colleges across and beyond Delhi. The purpose of this society marks at imbibing legal literacy among the members and associates which it ensures by holding regular events, conferences and interactions with those entities in the field of law whose name precedes most. The flagship event Advocase is the brainchild of Lawrence which takes place takes place yearly across colleges from across the country. It comprises of several rounds which test the aptitude of all contenders to their core. These contenders hail from all kinds of backgrounds which adds the element of uniqueness to Advocase. Lawrence has left no stone unturned in trying to proceed towards its purpose, something which justifies the kind of respect it commands from the likes. 

Activities undertaken by the society between August – November 2015

1.     Project Pehal

The society undertook topics for every two weeks and took initiatives to spread awareness on the topic in form of offline view in college campus and online reach in form of fb posts, mailers etc. To spread awareness among the masses regarding the laws that are very important but are ignored by many. The topics selected were RTI, GST, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Crazy Laws etc.

Initiatives undertaken under Pehal 2015.

a)     Online awareness, Fb , mailers etc.


b)    Spot Fix in college


c)     Online intra college quiz



2.     L.A.W. 2015-16

Lawrence Ambassador Wing 2015-16

Lawrence took ambassadors from all the colleges across Delhi including IP colleges, DU, private law and non law colleges. The role of ambassadors in to be the face of Lawrence in their college and spread awareness about the initiatives undertook by Lawrence. Right now, Lawrence has 60+ ambassadors working towards the same goal.



3.     Project Jigyasa

The society formed an online query based system to cater to questions related to laws in minds of students. This system will be launched in January by the name of Project Jigyasa.


Event calender for jan-april 2016 

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