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Parishram – The Sports Society

PARISHRAM-The Sports Society


What We Do:

Parishram, the sports society which focuses on different sports like cricket, football, kabaddi and others. We conduct intra college competitions every semester to encourage our students to participate and showcase their talents in sports along with academics. Our long-term goal is to build a healthy and energetic sports culture and environment in CBS.

Major Events:

The society has conducted a various number of sports events which include:





             5.Table Tennis



  • One of our biggest events include the CCL which is the CBS Cricket League. It is organized in the month of January and February. A total of 10 teams are finalized through a real time auction arrangement where owners strategically buy key players and form up the team for the tournament. The tournament goes on for around ten days. Students play with a lot of dedication and pleasure.

  • Another event is the ADRENALINE which organized on 27-28th March every year with a range of indoor and outdoor sporting events. This is the Annual Sports Fest of the college.It includes Volleyball, Football, Chess, Kabaddi and Table Tennis. There is an immense participation of the students with zeal and zest and the students play very enthusiastically

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:

  • The college football team bagged the 2nd position on inter college football match held in College of Vocational Studies.
  • The college basketball team bagged the 2nd position in inter college basketball match held in College of Vocational Studies.

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