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Renaissance – The Debating Society

CBS DebSoc


What We Do:
DebSoc participates in Parliamentary Debates and Conventional Debates. The topics of discussion vary from debate to debate and hence the objective of the society is to make each and every member aware of what’s happening in the world. Our main aim is to be the Best Debating Society in the DU circuit and have a legacy over the years.  

Major Events:
The Society Organizes two major events:

1) CBS PD:
The CBS PD is the Kickstarter to the debating season and hosts more than 200 participants every year. The participants debate about several issues such as issues regarding international relations, Economics, Gender, Culture, etc. We host more than 25 colleges all across India (such as BITS Pilani, Jindal Global University, RGNUL).

2) JIMS-CBS Conventional Debate:
We also organize a conventional debate in collaboration with JIMS in the even semester. More than 40 teams participate in the conventional debate. It is a one-day event which takes place in the college premises.

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:

  • The society was a part of 10 tournament wins in tournaments such as Christ University, Kamla Nehru College, IIT-D, Hindu College.
  • We also represented CBS in more than 10 finals in colleges such as SRCC, GGS, LSR, Gargi.
  • DebSoc was also chosen the Best Debating Society in the DU by DU beat.
  • It was the most successful year for us as we had more than 220 accolades this year.

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