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Verve – The Street Play Society


What we do:

Verve- The Street Play Society of SSCBS, established in 2006, aims to create awareness among people on various social issues through Street theatre.We research, we discuss, we debate among ourselves, we talk to general public in order to derive at a social topic for our annual street production, every year. 

We perform in various Delhi based competitions and some national level competitions like IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay. We also do public performances for common public. We have performed for Election Commission of India, Income Tax Department, and have collaborated with other college societies.

Major Events:

We organise Manthan - India’s largest Street theatre festival, under which we collaborate with different theatre teams and organize performances in different parts of the world. Manthan’19 covered 22 international locations among 14 countries including India. 3000 artists  all across the world collaborated with us for this social cause. 79 street plays were performed in 63 cities of India. 

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Recent Accolades and Achievements:

1. 1st Position- Synergy, SGT University- 11th October 2019

2. Performed in finals of  Antaragni, IIT Kanpur (were among top 8 teams)- 20th October 2019

3.Performed under Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2019 at National School of Drama - 15th     February, 2019

4. 2nd Position- Periyar Institute of Management, I.P University

5. Performed for the Youth festival organized by the GOVT. of NCT of Delhi- 22nd February 2018

6. Performed under Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2018 at National School of Drama - 1st March 2018

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