Our Governing Body

Governing Body

The Governing Body of the college is the highest decision making body and acts as the Executive authority of the college. It holds, controls and administers the property and funds of the college as well as other funds placed at the disposal of the college for any specific object.

Governing Body Members

  1. Dr. Kavita A. Sharma – Chairperson
  2. Dr. Nagendra Shreeniwas – Treasurer
  3. Mr. C.P. Singh, Member
  4. Mr. K.N. Srivastav, Member
  5. Dr. Kuldeep Ratnoo, Member
  6. Mr. Praveen Gupta, Member
  7. Mr. Praveen Kumar Bharti, Member
  8. Prof. Ramesh C Gaur, Member
  9. Ms. Shreshtha, Member
  10. Mr. Vivek Bansal, Member
  11. Prof. Anu Gupta Aggarwal, University Representative
  12. Prof. S.C. Rai, University Representative
  13. Dr. Ajay Jaiswal, Teacher Representative (More than 10 years’ service category)
  14. Dr. Nidhi Kesari, Teacher Representative (Less than 10 years’ service category)
  15. Dr. Tribhuwan Kumar – Non Teaching Staff Representative (Special Invitee)
  16. Dr. Poonam Verma – Principal/Member Secretary, Governing Body